The signatories to this statement are not an organization and we only represent ourselves. Though we stand together through this statement, no one signatory or group of signatories speaks on behalf of any others and all own the statement equally.

Any person or group who identifies as Irish is welcome to sign this statement, including those who are Irish by birth, descent, adoption, marriage or civil partnership, residency (including those shamefully languishing in ‘Direct Provision’), and regardless of age, gender, religion, skin color, ability or sexual orientation.

If you do not identify as Irish but would like to endorse, we thank you, and would be very happy to list your name in an ‘endorsements’ section.

If you do not agree with the statement, would like to make proposals or corrections, or would like to qualify or explain your signature, please voice your criticisms, proposals, qualifications and explanations in the comments section. We aim to stand together, but also to create a space for debate and discussion.

Factual corrections to the statement will be made, if necessary, and signatories will be notified of any such changes. Otherwise, the statement will remain as it was published and won’t change without a consensus of the signatories. Signatories can also remove their signature at any time.

Like the Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Irish-Statement-in-Support-of-blacklivesmatter/370728783126698

Follow on Twitter: @irishstatement


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